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Work Experience


Earnest Machine Products (May '20 - Present)

May '23 - Present

Procurement Manager

  • Lead team initiatives to streamline inbound product flow and reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Prescribe actions to manage $35-40MM of inventory by capturing opportunities to liquify unhealthy inventory.

  • Provide solutions for cost/price management to CFO by benchmarking position against Purchasing Price Index.

  • Led new company acquisition initiatives such as raw data integration, purchase order entry, documentation creation.

April '22-May '23

Sourcing Manager

  • Managed responsibilities for a team of 3 members focused on category replenishment planning.

  • Segmented $1MM monthly spend divided amongst team members by product hierarchy.

  • Traveled to Taiwan and grew closer relationships with supplier partners by visiting their facilities.

  • Led IT projects initiatives involving new ERP system integration, AI automation, and data analytics.

  • Strategized, analyzed, and collaborated COGS efficiency with the Director of Supply Chain for defined solutions.

May '21-April '22

Category Manager

  • Created the company's first demand planning process by comparing total revenue with largest annual turn %.

  • Independently taught and constructed Microsoft Power BI dashboards as business tools for inventory pipeline visibility, product ledger history, and supplier spend analysis

  • Balanced time between tactical PO management and strategic analysis during a 50% business growth time period.

May '20-May '21

Buyer Lead

  • Strategically replenished all inventory from international and domestic sources to maintain healthy flow of product

  • Developed strong, global relationships with 30+ suppliers from countries includingTaiwan, South Korea, and India.

  • Reduced unit cost ~20% with a focus on supplier relationships to position ourselves competitively with customers.

  • Navigated first full-time business experience post college via remote in COVID environment

Work Experience


Owens Corning (May '19 - August '19)

May '19 - August '19

Global Sourcing FP&O Team Intern

  • Established a new department Kanban workflow strategy to maximize time efficiency and communication.

  • Implemented a new Microsoft Power BI dashboard to analyze $MM of category spend and identify savings.

  • Demonstrated workload and project management by balancing several projects across a set time period.

  • Collaborated with plant buyers to understand and assist in MRO cost savings.



2016 - 2020

GPA: 3.80

Bachelor's Degree: Supply Chain Operations & Management

My bachelor's degree in supply chain ops & management provided me with a deep understanding of supply chain strategy, logistics, operations, and inventory efficiency. I also gained experience in data analysis, process improvement, and project management.

GPA: 3.80

Bachelor's Degree: International Business

My bachelor's degree in international business provided me with a solid foundation of standard business practices across different countries and cultures, including negotiation strategies, economics, marketing, and relationship management. I also gained experience in communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Skills & Expertise

  • My skills and expertise include:

    - Supplier Development and Cost Management

    - Logistics and Transportation Efficiency

    - Data Analysis, Automation and Process Improvement

    - Project Management

    - Communication and Leadership
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